the Support for Independent Retail campaign in 2011

 the Support for Independent Retail campaign in 2011

Clare adds: “Anything that boosts positivity and increases camaraderie within a community of traders is enough to keep them going. Some of the ideas that retailers have come up with this year are brilliant – everything from live music in-house to exclusive discounts during July. ekonglong modern office cubicle

Clare, who founded the Support for Independent Retail campaign in 2011, is calling on shoppers to take 20% of their monthly budget and spend it with local retailers rather than in chains, out-of-town centres or online.

“This campaign is now in its third year and it couldn’t be more important," says Clare. "Only last month it was revealed that the number of empty shops across the UK has hit an all-time high according to the British Retail Consortium, and the only way to try to stem further closures is for retailers to be proactive and not only remind local customers to the fact that they’re here, but to give them more reasons to visit.

"Residents are the first to complain about empty shops in their local centre, so if they really do care about having thriving local businesses then they need to ensure that they put their money where their mouth is, and actually spend with them!”

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